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Sankofa Danzafro Tickets Celebrity Series Boston

Sankofa Danzafro Tickets

Boch Center Shubert Theatre, Boston

265 Tremont Street

Boston MA 02116 View on map

Sankofa Danzafro Summary

Sankofa Danzafro (Medellin, Colombia) returns to the Celebrity Series with a timely and thought-provoking performance: Accommodating Lie, the latest full-length work by Artistic Director Rafael Palacios. One hour in length, Accommodating Lie showcases seven dancers with live music performed by three musicians (drums/ native flute, marimba, and voice). A powerful call for awareness, Palacios seeks to dismantle stereotypes and beliefs, denouncing the clichés around the Black body. Embodying decades of slavery and overt racism, the dancers and musicians personify what it means to be of African descent.

Created from the perspective of Colombians of African descent who have lived in oppression in a society shaped by racism since the time of colonization, Sankofa Danzafro offers insight not only into Colombia’s racial and class history, but also interrogates issues with more far-reaching implications, including here in the United States. After partnering with Palacios to present the phenomenal Black Voices Boston series virtually during 2020/21, we are especially grateful for the opportunity to share this event with live, in-person audiences. Don’t miss your chance to experience this important, prescient work from a company whose mission is “to dance to be heard, rather than to be seen.”

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