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Children of a Lesser God Tickets & Information

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Children of a Lesser God Summary

Tony® Award-winning director Kenny Leon mounts the first-ever Broadway revival of Tony® Award-winner and Academy® Award nominee Mark Medoff’s riveting play Children of a Lesser God.

Children of a Lesser God tells the story of James Leeds, a new teacher at a school for the deaf, and Sarah Norman, the school’s one-time star student who has stayed behind as its cleaning woman rather than venturing out into the hearing world. James immediately takes a keen interest in Sarah, and tries to persuade her to communicate orally by lip reading. They soon embark on an emotional journey that will teach them both new ways of communicating and loving and, in the process, they build a romance beyond words.

First produced on Broadway in 1980, Children of a Lesser God ran for more than two years and went on to win three Tony Awards, including Best Play. Following its Broadway success, Children of a Lesser God became a major motion picture, receiving five Academy® Award nominations and earning Marlee Matlin the 1987 Academy® Award for Best Actress.

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