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Dracula Comedy of Terrors Off Broadway Tickets

Dracula, A Comedy of Terrors Tickets

New World Stages / Stage 5

340 West 50th Street

New York NY 10019

Access Information

Access Information:

Wireless Listening
Infrared assisted listening devices and neck induction loop systems (requires t-coil) are available to borrow at the Shubert Audience Services kiosk.

Access Ticket Information:

There are 3 ways to purchase tickets:

1. Call Telecharge Access Services at (866)300-9761; TDD/TTY: (888) 889-8587.
2. Buy online at Specifically, to order wheelchair-only locations select the ‘Find Tickets’ button and click the “Wheelchair & Transfer Arm Seating” link.
3. In person at the box office.

Accessibility by Seating Section:

New World Stages 5 Seating Chart
Entering the Theatre
There are no steps to the box office.

Getting to Your Seat
There is an elevator and an escalator in this theatre.

Please Note: The 50th Street escalator at New World Stages is being replaced and will be unavailable from 7/24/23 – 10/20/23.

Orchestra (first level)
The Orchestra is down two flights of stairs. The Orchestra has no steps.
There are 5 wheelchair locations: J1, J4, J6, J11, J16
There are 2 transfer locations: D1, F1

Mezzanine (second level)
The Mezzanine is down 1 flight of stairs. The entrance to the Mezzanine is behind row B of the Mezzanine. There are approximately 2 steps between each row with a handrail on each step.
There is 1 wheelchair location: A15


All restrooms are wheelchair accessible via the elevator. Restrooms are on the Orchestra and Mezzanine levels. Gender diversity is welcome here. Please use the restroom that best fits your identity or expression. Water fountains are next to the restrooms.