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Theatre Row - The Acorn Theatre

410 West 42nd Street

Between 9th and 10th Avenues

New York NY 10036 View on map

New York New Works Theatre Festival Summary

This event has closed. If you have tickets for a date after the closing date, please contact customer service via the Contact link above.

The New York New Works Theatre Festival is a celebration of the arts where Broadway Producers and industry leaders come together to support the work of playwrights.

Each night will host a variety of short performances where a panel of Broadway’s producers and industry leaders make up a panelist of judges for the event, leading up to a finalist night on September 22nd.

Four seasons have boasted a roster of works that include Broadway revivals, Emmy Award winners, notable names and playwrights just beginning their journeys. The 2018 season boasts two Tony Award winners, a performance to include some of Broadway's brightest female stars as a tribute to the work of women in our industry, and the work of some wonderful new playwrights!

New York New Works Theatre Festival Special Information

Wednesday - September 19 @ 7pm

Happy If Happy When - Kimmerer LaMothe
Pooch - Scott Eyerly
Law of the Jungle - Sam Downey
Escape from Paradise - Valdaniel Martin
The Kitty Bomb - Kevin Daly

Thursday - September 20 @7pm

7:00pm - The "Magic" of Broadway - Joshy K.
8:25pm - The Culture of Now - Jess Domain & Julianne Lavallee

Friday - September 21 @ 7pm

Dietrich - Willard Manus
O Happy Dagger - Claire Tyers
Jilted to Perfecttion: A MorMom's Love - Debra Cook
Angels At Work - Jerel Armstrong, Makie Armstrong, Paul Johnson
Past Perfect - Phillip Holt
The Pink Hulk - Valerie David
Common Ground - Granville Burgess
Three on a Dime - Eileen Benson

Saturday, September 22 @ 7pm
A Pitch From Satchel Paige - Loren & Jim Keller
Why Not Black -Auslin Williams
Bacon Clickbait - David Don Miller
Flower of Iowa -Lance Ringel
Having a Ball With God - David Garrett Shaw
Patti Did Us In - Patricia Lawler Kenet
How Alfo Learned To Love - Vincent Amelio

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Performances after 8:30pm may be inappropriate for ages 12 and under.
Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.

First Preview Date Opening Date
September 4, 2018 September 4, 2018

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Monday - Saturday: Noon - 6pm, Sunday: Noon - to curtain

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