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Little Match Girl Musical Off Broadway Show Tickets

The Little Match Girl Tickets & Information

St. Luke's Theatre

308 West 46th Street

(between 8th and 9th Avenues)

New York NY 10036 View on map

The Little Match Girl Summary

This event is currently not on sale.

The Little Match Girl, seeing is believing.

A poor lonely girl is forced out on the streets by her cruel father on New Year's Eve to sell matches. Cold and alone, with few prospective customers she has to decide between warmth and her father's wrath. Her decision takes on her on a magical journey.

The Little Match Girl, the iconic story by Hans Christian Anderson, comes to life in this brand new musical adaptation, set to a contemporary score filled with soaring melodies. It’s New Year’s Eve, and the Little Match Girl is forced onto the streets to sell matches to support her family. Cold and alone, her wondrous imagination takes her away from the harsh realities and struggles of her daily life. Armed with match sticks and music, she finds the hope we all need.

The Little Match Girl Cast Members:

Madi Beumee, Dayna Grayber, Aisling Fagan, Elizabeth Flanagan, Angelina Gui, Max P. Fowler, Yanni Metaxas, Tony Mowatt, Christopher Swan

The Little Match Girl Creative Team

Author: Oxygen Media Shenzen, China
Composer: Alastair William King
Lyrics and Additional Book: Jeff Edmond
Director: Greg Ganakas
Producer: LMG US LLC
Press Agent: Kampfire PR