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Broadway Gift Card from Telecharge

Telecharge Gift Card

Don’t know what to get the theatre-lover in your life? The Telecharge Gift Card is the easiest, most flexible way to give the gift of theatre tickets.

Important Notices and Policies

1. Gift Card Amount :

Note: Gift Cards are available in any dollar amount from $25 to $500. Only one Gift Card may be purchased online at a time. For multiple cards, call 800-447-7400.

Please enter a gift card message without special characters (#, $, %, &, *, etc.) or line breaks. The message must be 255 characters or less.

Using special characters or line breaks will prevent your order from going through.
We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

There is a 3 gift card limit per 30-day period, per name, credit card account, Gift Card account or purchaser, billing address, phone number, IP address, and/or email address. Gift Card purchases exceeding this limit will be canceled without notification.
2. Personalize E-Gift Card

E-Gift Cards are sent to your email address within three (3) days following your purchase. You can customize the message on the E-Gift Card and then forward it to the recipient directly from your own address.