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A Dolphin Up a Tree Tickets & Information

DR2 Theatre

103 East 15 Street

(at 20 Union Square East)

New York NY 10003 View on map

A Dolphin Up a Tree Summary

It’s a magic day for Tina Talkington and her animals! Tina has cast a magic spell to make her stuffed animals talk! But when the spell makes Owl, Fox and Beaver spring to life, it also turns her little brother into a giant baby. And worse, Tina herself has turned into a Dolphin, stuck in a tree!

How will the animals learn to work together and get Dolphin out of the tree? In this hilarious and interactive combination of comedy, songs, slapstick and drama, all of the animals must learn how to co-operate and save Dolphin, with some much-needed help from the kids in the audience!

A Dolphin Up a Tree Cast Members:

Daniel Kitrosser, Stephanie Acevedo, Amanda Knox, Evan Greene, Zack Friedman

A Dolphin Up a Tree Creative Team

Author: Kimberly Foster
Producer: Daryl Roth Productions
Press Agent: The Publicity Office

A Dolphin Up a Tree Quick Facts

Running Time:

45 minutes, with no intermission

Price Range

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Audience :

Recommended for ages 2 - 10.
Everyone must have a ticket.

First Preview Date
January 13, 2008