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Artfxxxers Tickets & Information

DR2 Theatre

103 East 15 Street

(at 20 Union Square East)

New York NY 10003 View on map

Artfxxxers Summary

Artfuckers, a new play about the second generation artistic elite of Downtown Manhattan – the privileged children of the money-art scenesters of the 1980's – follows a group of hot, creative twentysomethings who are collaborating on their friend's debut showing at New York Fashion week. Using sex, status and New York City street smarts, the characters live in a world where everything is allowed and nothing is questioned… as long as it’s in the name of art. Artfuckers reveals a dramatic slice of today’s Celebrity Art Scene, where the question on everyone’s mind is: Are these people successful because of what they do or who they are?

Artfxxxers Cast Members:

Nicole LaLiberte, Will Janowitz, Asher Grodman, Jessica Kaye, Tuomas Hiltunen

Artfxxxers Creative Team

Author: Michael Domitrovich
Director: Eduardo Machado
Scenic & Lighting Design: Maruti Evans
Costume Design: Margaret Moy
Sound Design: Ken Hypes
Projection Design: Chris Kateff
Producer: AF Play Company, LLC
Press Agent: Richard Kornberg & Associates

Artfxxxers Quick Facts

Running Time:

2 hours, including one 15 minute intermission

Price Range

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Audience :

May be inappropriate for 16 and under. (Full nudity.)
Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.

First Preview Date Opening Date
February 9, 2008 February 26, 2008