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United Solo Theatre Festival Tickets

United Solo Theatre Festival Tickets

Theatre Row - The Studio Theatre

410 West 42nd Street

Between 9th and 10th Avenues

New York NY 10036

United Solo Theatre Festival Summary

2013 United Solo Theatre Festival is the world’s largest solo theatre festival held at the Theatre Row in the heart of the New York City theatre district on 42nd Street. The Festival presents over 100 productions this year! Featured local and international solo shows represent 6 continents and 23 countries, and fall into a vast selection of categories, ranging from drama, storytelling, puppetry, and multimedia shows to stand- up, magic, improv, dance, and musical. To find more about shows go to

United Solo Theatre Festival Cast Members:

Michael Abourizk, Heldine Aguiluz, Ana Asensio, Liliana Ashman, ElizaBeth Bando, Christel Bartelse, Berry Basile, Emanuelee Bean, Amy De Bhrun, Alessio Bordoni, Misha Bouvion, Jeremie Bracka, David Bridel, Carla Cackowski, Vicky Araico Casas, Elizardi Castro, Nandita Chandra, Ashley Chang, Hilary Chaplain, Gordon Clapp, Lyle Cogen, Slash Coleman, Tim Collins, Jonathan Council, Laurel Devenie, Jurij Diez, Justin Dobring, Elise Forier Edie, Sahil Farooqi, Liz Femi, John Fico, Julian Goldhagen, Eva Grayzel, Sarah Elizabeth Greer, Joe Gulla, Annette Guarrasi, Maura Halloran, Colin Hamell, Lori Prescott Hansen, Sébastien Heins, Chrissy Hogue, Adelind Horan, Aralyn Hughes, Josie Hyde, Frank Ingrasciotta, Makoto Inoue, Alana Jackler, Brenda L. Jacobson, Robert Jägerhorn, Nathan James, Suraya Susana Keating, Carrie Keskinen, Grace Kiley, Gabriela Kohen, Max Kross, Rory Lance, Jesse LaVercombe, Tim Heath Leuzarder, Mark William Lindberg, Linn Lorkin, Brian Luna, Erin Layton, Missy Maramara, Marisa Marquez, Kirk Marsh, Taffy McCarthy, Pius McGrath, Dihlon McManne, Dennis McSorley, David Melville, Tammy Meneghini, Michele Miller, Steve Mize, Puja Mohindra, Donald Molosi, Sean Patrick Monahan, Talene Monahon, Christian Moralde, Caitlin Morris, Ann Morrison, Doug Motel, Chuck Muckle, Jude Narita, Rachel Nelson, Vivian Nesbitt, Ery Nzaramba, Lorraine Olsen, R. SKY Palkowitz, Ciera Payton, Tiffany Phillips, Zara Phillips, Gabriel Portuondo, Omar Prince, Deb Radloff, Jane Ridley, Mina Samuels, Teresa Sanderson, Stephanie Satie, Jim Shankman, Obie Sims, Bronwyn Steinberg, Julia Rosa Stockl, Adam Strauss, Ann Talman, Hendrik Toompere, Eileen Tull, Stella Valente, Thom Vernon, Eden Walker, Mary Ann Walsh, Blake Walton, Alison Wearing, Roger Westberg, Pippa White, Yokko, Laura Zam

United Solo Theatre Festival Creative Team

Artistic Director: Omar Sangare
Literary Advisor: Michael Miller
Associate Artistic Director: Ilya Khodosh
Communications Representative: Marcin Lipinski
Creative Director: Julia Kwinto
Dramaturg: Terry Tamm

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United Solo Theatre Festival Tickets

Running Time:

The 7th and 11th Dimensions: 40 minutes
Acet-o-philous or Vinegar Love: 90 minutes
All in Good Fun: 50 minutes
All is Fair in Love and War Max Kross is a Dirty Whore: 60 minutes
Arafat in Therapy: 80 minutes
AT WIT'S END: 90 minutes
BALDY: 60 minutes
Barfuss Nackt Herz in der Hand: 80 minutes
The Bark & The Tree: 52 mnutes
Becoming an Honorary Crone: 60 minutes
Beneath My Fathers' Sky: 50 minutes
BIO-HAZARD: a relative comedy: 105 minutes
Blood Type: RAGU: 90 minutes
The Bohemian Love Diaries: 60 minutes
The Bronx Queen: 75 minutes
Brotherhood: The Hop Hopera: 60 minutes
A Brown Monkey Goes to McDonald's: 60 minutes
Cat Lady without a Cat: 90 minutes
Celebrate Me Home Again: 70 minutes
Charles Ponzi – A Dollar and a Scheme: 65 minutes
Confessions of a Fairy's Daughter: 70 minutes
Converse: Live. Word. Introspect: 90 minutes
Cry of the Mountain: 60 minutes
DARK STARS: 55 minutes
Daze of My Life: 45 minutes
Dear Prudence: 50 minutes
Death in Venice in First Person: 80 minutes
Decoding the Tablecloth: 70 minutes
Diva!: 60 minutes
DON'T CALL ME WALTER!: 90 minutes
The Dream of a Ridiculous American: 60 minutes
The Drifts Live: 60 minutes
ERIC(A): 70 minutes
A Fallopian Fairy Tale: 50 minutes
Female Of The Species: 40 minutes
From Prison to Peru: A White Girl’s Journey Home: 50 minutes
A Good Dive: 90 minutes
The Great Goddess Bazaar: 65 minutes
Growing Pains: 75 minutes
Hamlet: A Stand Up: 100 minutes
Happily Never Ever: 45 minutes
Hazards: 45 minutes
Hey, Piano Bar Lady!: 80 minutes
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gardai: 40 minutes
How to Be a Successful Teacher: 45 minutes
Hurricane Alana: 50 minutes
I Am.: 55 minutes
I Can't Give You Anything But Songs: 95 minutes
I Know You Are But Am I?: 75 minutes
I Never Met a Jerk I Didn't Like: 55 minutes
i-POD: 30 minutes
It Ain't Pretty: 40 minutes
The Italian in Me: 70 minutes
Jersey Boy: 60 minutes
Jesus, Do You Like Me? Please Mark Yes or No: 50 minutes
Jimmy Titanic: 70 minutes
Juana in a Million: 60 minutes
Kiss Your Brutal Hands: 70 minutes
Leading Men: 70 minutes
Leaving Ziller Valley: 45 minutes
Life, Audited: 70 minutes
A Life in Her Day: 60 minute
Longing for Grace: 65 minutes
Lorraine Olsen is FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING: 65 minutes
Lot's Wife in the Spring of 1937: 60 minutes
Love, Liz: 45 minutes
Made for Each Other: 50 minutes
Made in Puerto Rico: 90 minutes
MAGDALEN: 60 minutes
MARRIED SEX: 85 minutes
Mary Sunshine: 30 minutes
MEATY ROLE!: 50 minutes
Mentor-ized: 65 minutes
Mica's Skin: 60 minutes
Michael's Daughter: 90 minutes
The Mid-Knight Cowboy: 65 minutes
Monty Clift, The Rarest of Birds: 90 minutes
Mother Knows Best: 50 minutes
Mrs. Kemble’s Tempest: 90 minutes
The Mushroom Cure: 80 minutes
Occupy Me: 60 minutes
On the Upside Down of the World: 95 minutes
ONEymoon (A Honeymoon for One): 60 minutes
The Picture of Dorian Gray: 80 minutes
The Pink Unicorn: 100 minutes
Pleading Infinity: 85 minutes
poetry about how difficult it is to be in your twenties: 60 minutes
Preacher Man: 20 minutes
Pussy: 55 minutes
Richard: 45 minutes
Robert Frost: This Verse Business: 75 minutes
THE SCRIPT - a one-man show about Sexual Assault Prevention: 45 minutes
Shiva Arms: 75 minutes
Shut Up and Dance!: 85 minutes
Shut Up: 55 minutes
Solemn Mockeries: 90 minutes
SOLO: 55 minutes
SPLIT/MIXED: 60 minutes
Sticks and Stones: 53 minutes
The Stupid Economy: 60 minutes
Sublimity: 70 minutes
Sweatlodged: 70 minutes
Take Me to the Poorhouse: 60 minutes
TOAST: 50 minutes
TODAY IT'S ME: 40 minutes
Tongue-Tied: A Story NOT Silenced By Oral Cancer: 85 minutes
The Unauthorized Biography of Dr. Irma King: 60 minutes
Urban Aura: 77 minutes
The Urban Hermit: 60 minutes
Venus & Adonis: 50 minutes
Waiting for Hitchcock: 70 minutes
The Waste Land: 40 minutes
WE, THE PEOPLE: 75 minutes
WHO MADE ME?: 75 minutes
Wind in a Mirror…Ayahuasca Visions: 80 minutes
Woody's Orde!: 70 minutes
Word Painting: Soliloquies Around an Easel: 60 minutes
XXX (Full Show): 75 minutes

Audience :

Some of the shows are inappropriate for children and may contain strong language, nudity and adult subject matter.
Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.

First Preview Date
October 3, 2013

Box Office Hours

Currently not open; Beginning TBA:
Monday - Saturday: Noon - 6pm, Sunday: Noon - to curtain

There are no advance sales 1 hour before showtime!

Coat Room

None available.